AstraSync 4.2.27 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce AstraSync 4.2. These release notes contain valuable information on the latest features and changes in this release of the AstraSync application.

Major Enhancements

The following improvements have been made in AstraSync 4.2 over AstraSync 4.1:

Note: the 'Monitor for BlackBerry' program (required for profile integration) requires OS 4.7 and later

AstraSync 4.2 includes other enhancements and bug fixes - please refer to the Changes section for a list of the most important resolved issues.

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Known Issues:


To download this version, visit the AstraSync download portal with your BlackBerry browser:
You will need to provide your AstraSync account credentials (email address and password).
You can upgrade from AstraSync 2.2.x, 3.0.X, 3.1.X, 4.0.x, 4.1.x to this AstraSync build, however some older devices are not supported for this build.

Supported Devices

This is not an exhaustive list if your device is not listed below or in the Unsupported devices list then it may support AstraSync 4.2

Unsupported Devices


Id Category Fixed in version Title
12010 Bug 4.2.27 Add DeviceID and Touchscreen definitions for new OS7 devices
12018 Bug 4.2.27 MessageView shows previous message after deleting (no confirmation)
12001 Bug 4.2.26 Html Mailto handles subject and body arguments
11810 Bug 4.2.24 Refresh folder before sync to update ui with new stored data
11967 Bug 4.2.24 Html Mailto handles subject and body arguments
11988 Enhancement 4.2.24 MessageView shows previous message after deleting or moving current message
11561 Bug 4.2.23 Check for empty tag when parsing Categories
11627 Bug 4.2.23 Correctly parse GALSearch range value
11706 Bug 4.2.23 Make SmartMail 'From' header RFC 2822 compliant
11286 Bug 4.2.22 OS6.0 Browser UserAgent String takes different format
11518 Bug 4.2.22 Pearl key mapping doesn't support alt-u
11461 Bug 4.2.21 Regression: threading issues on manual sync
11458 Enhancement 4.2.21 Support server policy setting for alphanumeric password
11368 Bug 4.2.21 Turn off ghosting for ex2003
11359 Bug 4.2.21 Protect against substring matches when retrieving PIMItem
11265 Bug 4.2.21 Display DeviceId on About screen
11256 Bug 4.2.21 Improve About screen layout
11236 Bug 4.2.21 Add trace to idenitify collection in GetItemEstimate
11226 Bug 4.2.21 Sometimes a resume() stays in the event thread
11164 Bug 4.2.21 Consume InterruptedExceptions in SynchronizingState
11163 Bug 4.2.21 Protect InboxList from null pointer if not syncing events
11161 Bug 4.2.21 Handle BB StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on whitespace string
11159 Bug 4.2.21 Improve the handling of truncated MIME email
11158 Bug 4.2.21 When network is detected in wizard only display next command
11088 Bug 4.2.19 Report AstraSync version in userAgent String in HTTP headers
11114 Bug 4.2.19 Regression: Update screen does not have yes / no commands/buttons
11118 Bug 4.2.19 Delete collection if deselecting collection due to the time it will take to sync
11150 Bug 4.2.19 Protect parser from StringOutOfBoundsException
10989 Bug 4.2.19 Handle null pointer when syncing contact change to ex2003
11030 Bug 4.2.19 When network is detected in wizard only display next button
11057 Bug 4.2.19 Clarify wording on 'astrasync' codeword screen
11101 Bug 4.2.19 Regression: Not performing folderSync on ping status 7
10923 Bug 4.2.18 Wipe recurrence before updating event
10922 Bug 4.2.17 Regression: security config doesn't load
10895 Bug 4.2.16 Do not send Supported without GetChanges for certain 12.1 servers
10896 Bug 4.2.16 Deregister IPC Source on shutdown
10898 Bug 4.2.16 Recurring relative monthly events updated incorrectly
10906 Bug 4.2.16 Device Idle from Monitor polarity bug
10907 Bug 4.2.16 Additional diagnostics to see syncing collections at a glance
10909 Bug 4.2.16 Catch NumberFormatException for Zimbra
10891 Bug 4.2.15 Regression: GoogleMail doesn't send a content-length in 12.0
10890 Bug 4.2.15 Handle changes in Sync response when none are requested
10889 Bug 4.2.15 Correct version number of config setting
10838 Bug 4.2.14 Handle empty sync response from 12.1 servers
10764 Bug 4.2.14 Conditionally save config on calendar collection change
10747 Bug 4.2.14 Hide folders the server does not recognise when moving items
10746 Bug 4.2.14 Text on device content encryption action needs reworded for install wizard
10762 Enhancement 4.2.14 Inform users how to manage folders
10760 Enhancement 4.2.14 Regulary check for Monitor when not connected
10834 Bug 4.2.14 Nullpointer when server doesn't support syncing email
10833 Bug 4.2.14 Turn off base64 encoded uri for ActiveSync 12.1
10829 Bug 4.2.14 Regression: Specify UTF8 encoding for message content store
10828 Bug 4.2.14 Remove "upgrading from early beta test"
10827 Bug 4.2.14 Display "Initializing Diagnostics" only when diagnostics are enabled
10767 Enhancement 4.2.14 AutoReset of collection on InvalidSyncKey
10412 Enhancement 4.2.14 Provide default action on attachment in message viewer.
10825 Bug 4.2.13 Handle 400 Bad Request when first 12.1 folder sync fails
10823 Bug 4.2.13 Handle null pointer when no recordstores exist
10815 Bug 4.2.12 Trim category entries
10806 Bug 4.2.12 Add no-arg ctor to ICALAttachment
10803 Bug 4.2.12 Reduce memory usage
10817 Bug 4.2.12 Attempt to read both clear and encrypted data from persistent storage
10808 Bug 4.2.12 Enhance debug logging to capture start up error messages
10801 Bug 4.2.12 Report Exceptions for outgoing message store not open
10790 Enhancement 4.2.11 Rename Notification Sink name in Monitor API
10789 Enhancement 4.2.10 Send unread count as email source to Monitor API
10788 Enhancement 4.2.10 Add Mini icon to register with Monitor API
10389 Enhancement 4.2.9 AstraSync provide Email Changes Source
10732 Bug 4.2.8 Change in Policy Setting requires password reset
10731 Bug 4.2.8 Use float instead of int for ceil calculation
10736 Bug 4.2.8 Disabling email collection should cancel alert
10725 Bug 4.2.7 Update Time format on SyncStatus screen
10727 Enhancement 4.2.7 Upgrade to ActiveSync 12.1
10729 Bug 4.2.7 Handle null pointers when meeting request is badly formed
10730 Bug 4.2.7 Unconditionally decrypt data if deserialisation fails
10713 Bug 4.2.6 Handle CollectionNotInitialized Exception
10714 Bug 4.2.6 Reduce frequency of RAM source updates
10715 Bug 4.2.6 Protect against null events in Date Stamp Map
10723 Bug 4.2.6 Notify user of malformed meeting request
10724 Bug 4.2.6 Make ContactAddressLookup thread safe
10712 Bug 4.2.5 Remove stray commands from confirm screen
10662 Enhancement 4.2.4 Reduce accidental deletion of collection data on device
10539 Bug 4.2.4 Conditionally run AutoDiscovery Cycle in response to HTTP 403 code
10629 Bug 4.2.4 Check conditional meeting request menu item in inbox list
10663 Bug 4.2.4 Manage deletion of out of scope events
10689 Bug 4.2.4 Prevent multiple calls to addRecord in MessageContentStore
10700 Bug 4.2.4 Prevent orphaned records during IPC
10701 Bug 4.2.4 Get popUp state at run-time
10702 Bug 4.2.4 Reduce dependancy on HTTP OPTIONS
10705 Bug 4.2.4 Storm dropdown elements could not be selected by pointer events
10707 Bug 4.2.4 Badly formatted Meeting Requests prevented further syncing
10710 Bug 4.2.4 Meeting Request Refinements
10401 Enhancement 4.2.4 Provide Content Encryption for Email
10414 Enhancement 4.2.4 Allow user to choose email truncation size
10524 Bug 4.2.3 Decode UTF-8 text for plain text emails
10418 Enhancement 4.2.3 Provide Peak and Off peak settings for pim checks
10658 Bug 4.2.3 MessageViewer Back Key has no effect
10578 Bug 4.2.3 Prevent initial address lookup rebuild being rescheduled
10649 Bug 4.2.3 Remove CHAPI logging from diagnostics
10652 Bug 4.2.3 Monitor app forces sync while in Manual Sync
10653 Bug 4.2.3 Add {} to key cycles
10655 Bug 4.2.3 RecordStores being added when deleting/moving/modify/resetting emails
10651 Bug 4.2.3 Remove user's email from CC and To field when replying to all
10656 Bug 4.2.3 Protect against adding and removing null components
10664 Bug 4.2.3 AstraSync should shutdown when changing calendars
10667 Bug 4.2.3 Add GAL Support to Meeting Request
10625 Bug 4.2.2 Prevent "Cellular Sink: true" from forcing sync everytime
10626 Bug 4.2.2 Regression: Using Mailsite an empty subject is rendered incorrectly in Outlook
10628 Bug 4.2.2 RecordStore Exception when disabling collections
10621 Bug 4.2.1 Improve performance by reducing calls to garbage collector
10622 Bug 4.2.1 Protect IPCHandler from null pointer
10623 Bug 4.2.1 Failure to detect existing collections on initial sync
10624 Bug 4.2.1 Ensure that recordStore name is always incremented in message content store
10390 Enhancement 4.2.0 AstraSync integrate ChangeSince from BlackberryMonitor
10400 Enhancement 4.2.0 Replace BTree in MessageContentStore
10449 Bug 4.2.0 Prevent Pinging state busy loop when no network connections are available
10516 Bug 4.2.0 Add Class names to Exception reporting in PIMSyncHandler
10576 Bug 4.2.0 Prepopulate GAL lookup with last address lookup query
10557 Bug 4.2.0 Improve consistency of menu options before and after popup
10559 Bug 4.2.0 Ensure config is saved when changing only wifi in Diagnostics
10562 Bug 4.2.0 Handle simple MIME data with no content type or boundaries
10568 Bug 4.2.0 Add support for Pearl 9100 and 9105
10572 Bug 4.2.0 Protect SyncOptions::getWarnings from null pointer
10442 Bug 4.2.0 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Sync Settings Screen
10453 Bug 4.2.0 Handle Interrupted Exception in PingingState
10455 Bug 4.2.0 Initial Sync Inbox not populated immediately
10457 Bug 4.2.0 PanelHeader time not updating after initial sync
10459 Bug 4.2.0 Extra logging to diagnose worker thread exceptions
10460 Bug 4.2.0 Change default option for direct push to 'sync in background'.
10462 Bug 4.2.0 Inform user of relative recurring yearly events when resetting collections
10464 Bug 4.2.0 Seperate ui thread from background thread
10468 Bug 4.2.0 Remove default Close command on DeletePopup
10470 Bug 4.2.0 Render empty subject correctly in Outlook Express
10472 Bug 4.2.0 "Attempt 2" is displayed twice in Autodiscovery wizard
10473 Bug 4.2.0 Enable all collections by default on installation
10491 Bug 4.2.0 Provide info to user if error occurs during "Checking for available folders"
10507 Bug 4.2.0 Add extra logging to detect corrupted btree
10513 Bug 4.2.0 Improve performance (battery life)
10518 Bug 4.2.0 Menu Commands inconsistent in SyncSettings Screen
10536 Bug 4.2.0 Reset email sync collection correctly
10396 Enhancement 4.2.0 MeetingRequests - User Interface
10397 Enhancement 4.2.0 MeetingRequests - Engine
10560 Bug 4.2.0 Incorrectly parse UTF-8 Encoded strings twice
10433 Bug 4.2.0 Force sync on send mail
10438 Bug 4.2.0 Fix shortcut keys and Storm Shortcut Bar when handling Meeting Requests
10387 Enhancement 4.2.0 AstraSync as network availability sink
9995 Bug 4.2.0 Meeting Reponse refinement
10373 Enhancement 4.2.0 Research: Kinetic Scrolling
10657 Bug 4.1.20 MessageViewer Back Key has no effect

Feedback and Support

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